Leap of Faith Game


  • 'Space' to Jump Down
  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move the character


Programming, Effects & Animations
Murat Kaan Ustaoglu

Programming, Modelling, Rigging, Level Design & Animations
Firat Ozbay

Level Design & Rig Animations
Doruk Hasdogan


Assasin.zip 17 MB


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do pl  don't torture yourself, don't pla


how do you survive the fall?

I stuck on Start jump

The game is stuck on the part where the screen is messed up when you first load it for some reason.

How to download this game

Deleted post

There is a download button under the description. You can unzip the folder after you download it.


Does not open the game, why???

Still better than the real game

lol, so funny, i love it


how do i not die when i jump?

There is no way, even if you hit the straws you would still die xD

Nice effect you got there and the graphics are pretty good but there's no win though lol but i love the art of it. Good job!

Nice effects! Did you make the glitch shader yourselves?

https://github.com/keijiro/KinoGlitch Found it here, tweaked a bit.

I knew it! (I used that shader for another project as well xD)

(1 edit) (+1)

Nihihi :D ++rep for the coder who wrote the shader. I'm still considering shader as magic. Copy + Paste + Edit if i need a specific shader.

I wanted to win the game but the constant camera turning and post camera effects made me super nausea ;__; I liked the art style though

You can't win the game actually xD Even if you hit the straws you would still die


XD lol i thought there is a way to win XD i